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What To Do To Prepare For A Site Visit


ACEN Accreditation is an important and complex process for nursing schools to undergo. After being granted candidacy, your nursing program must first prepare a self-study report, and following this is the site visit from which peer evaluators create a visit report. An Evaluation Review Panel goes through the available information about your nursing program, and lastly, the ACEN Board of Commissioners conducts a final review before reaching an accreditation decision.

Before a review can take place, however, the site visit must be accomplished. With peer evaluators present to make observations of your school and verification of the data presented in your self-study report, doing well is crucial to increasing your likelihood of getting accredited. Here are a few things that should be on your to-do list in preparing for your site visit:

  • Conduct an orientation about the upcoming visit – The site visit is an opportunity for the peer evaluators and members of the school – the administrator, staff, instructors as well as the students – to be able to interact with each other.

    This is why it is wise and important to conduct an orientation prior to the visit. All the persons involved must be informed of the visit and their role during the visit. If needed, it may also be a good idea to run through some etiquette that is viable when interacting with guests.

  • Prepare materials and the venue prior to the visit – While your school should obviously be visibly in top shape by making sure all facilities and equipment are well-kept and functional, the very reason for the visit, and the accreditation process as a whole, is to make sure that your program and courses comply with the special standards and criteria.

    With this, it is highly strategic to acquire the services of a Health Care Consultant in Miami Gardens, FL to help ensure that your offered courses, such as your Home Health aide curriculum, are at par with or even exceed standards.

  • Keep an open line of communication with the ACEN staff – The ACEN staff will likely have a steady stream of information regarding the upcoming visit be sent to you, so make sure a clear line of communication – and a backup line perhaps – is open. Through this, you can be informed of updates regarding the visits and prepare for any adjustments to arrangements that will be made if necessary.

    Your nursing school’s accreditation will not only benefit you but also the entire team behind your school as well as all the future patients your students will help. Have Voltaire Healthcare Consultant provide you with your needed Health Care Consulting Services and be accreditation-ready today!

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