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Health Care Consultant in Miami Gardens

Voltaire Healthcare Consultant is a healthcare consulting firm. We specialize in helping clients who are trying to set up healthcare courses and/or training programs. Through our insight and support, we help our clients establish a comprehensive nursing school curriculum, while achieving sustainable growth and quality results.

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As a Health Care Consultant in Miami Gardens, FL, we offer strategic business development solutions to help our clients achieve their objectives. Our services are tailored according to each client’s specific business goals and requirements.

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Phlebotomy Curriculum Producing Qualified Phlebotomists

Helping clients develop a comprehensive phlebotomy curriculum. Click Here »

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Home Health Aide Curriculum A Comprehensive HHA Curriculum

Helping clients prepare a home health aide course that will best prepare their students. Click Here »

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Learn more about the many services offered by Voltaire Healthcare Consultant. Click Here »

Mission Statement

To deliver results-oriented, competitive priced Healthcare Consulting Services and healthcare development solutions to help our clients establish an all-inclusive curriculum, maximize revenue, and maintain a competitive edge in both the domestic and international markets.

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