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We offer a broad range of consulting services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

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At Voltaire Healthcare Consultant, we recognize that our clients each have their own business requirements and goals. In order to address these differences, we offer a number of service options that our clients can choose from. These services can be further personalized to match their specific ideas and objectives as well.

Our Healthcare Consulting Services include:

  • Nursing School Curriculum
    • Certified Nursing Assistant Curriculum (Certificate)
    • Home Health Aide Curriculum
    • Licensed Practical Nurse Curriculum (Certificate)
    • Licensed Practical Nurse Curriculum (Associate Degree)
    • Registered Nurse Curriculum (Associate Degree)
    • Registered Nurse Curriculum (Bachelor Degree)
    • Respiratory Therapist Curriculum (Associate Degree)
    • Phlebotomy Curriculum
    • EKG Curriculum
    • Patient Care Technician Curriculum
    • Patient Care Assistant Curriculum
    • Dialysis Technician Curriculum
    • Website Design
  • Online Course for all the Curriculum listed above
  • Google Classroom design for all those program listed

Partner with Voltaire Healthcare Consultant in Miami Gardens, FL and achieve your goals now! To discuss your consulting needs in more detail, please set an appointment. If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 786-709-5895.