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5 Points to Ponder: Why Your School Needs a Consultant

The nursing profession maintains a positive outlook when it comes to employment opportunities in the next 20 years. No less than the US Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms that Registered Nurses (RN) clinch a 15% increase rate of hiring. Indeed, this is a great opportunity that your nursing school should readily take advantage of. With … Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Settle with Just Your License

What is the difference between accreditation and licensing? Though accreditation and licensing may have some similar aspects, both have different implications. According to the Council on Accreditation Blog, licensing is typically involuntary for individuals and institutions, it is a requirement to be able to perform an individual’s practice or for an institution to function according … Continue reading

Why Accreditation Is the Next Best Thing for Your Institution

In the field of healthcare, nurses will never be out of the picture. That is probably why the list of nursing schools available does not run short. Nursing schools have their own requirements to complete and long-term plans to achieve. Your nursing school is most likely to have the same. But the ultimate basis for … Continue reading

Obtaining a Provisional License for a Secondary School: Important Facts You Should Know

If you would like to establish a nursing school where you can offer diplomas, degrees, or certificate programs, you must first go through the Commission’s license application process. This will enable you to obtain an initial license to operate in the State of Florida. Normally, the process takes approximately 4-6 months to complete. It involves: … Continue reading

6 Crucial Guidelines for Opening a Nursing School

The demand for qualified nurses is steadily increasing in the healthcare field. This provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the perfect opportunity to open a nursing school. At Voltaire Healthcare Consultant, a premier health care consultant in Miami Gardens, FL, we offer the following guidelines that may be able to help you. Establish a budget. When starting … Continue reading