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Post-Accreditation: Maintaining Quality in 3 Ways


A lot of healthcare organizations goes through accreditation. Accreditation serves several purposes, one of which is to ensure that the organization meets the necessary standards in keeping patients, as well as the staff safe. When an organization is accredited, it boosts their reputation, telling clients that they are ready to provide the necessary services at a high level of quality.

Earning an accreditation requires a huge amount of effort from everyone in the organization. Many companies even take advantage of Health Care Consulting Services to assist them in the process. But, everything should not stop upon earning the accreditation. Steps must be taken continuously to sustain the high level of quality services provided to the clients.

After accreditation, how do you maintain the quality of your services? Here are 3 ways you can use in your facility.

  1. Keep the focus on accreditation.

    You have to take note that accreditation can happen every several years. Surveyors from the board will inspect your organization again after a certain period of time. If you are not prepared, you might lose the accreditation status you have tirelessly built in an instant.

    Make sure not to lose your focus on the accreditation process. Remind the management and the staff to make an effort to meet and exceed standards. Send emails or discuss in meetings the different practices established in your facility and how they can meet the standards.

  2. Conduct periodic mock surveys.

    A mock survey can help you determine whether your facility is in compliance with the standards or not. It also allows you to make improvements in the areas that require modifications before the actual test comes around.

    When conducting this survey, a Health Care Consultant in Miami Gardens, FL will go through the steps just like in the actual survey. Staff practices will be observed. Roles and responsibilities will be discussed with staff members. Documentations will be reviewed.

  3. Improve compliance by investing in the organization’s resources.
    Investing in your resources will help improve compliance of the accreditation standards. Make sure that your staff go through training involving best practices and standards. Take advantage of technology that will also help improve documentation and processes.

Let Voltaire Healthcare Consultant assist you in maintaining quality after accreditation. We also help organizations check their Home Health aide curriculum. Get in touch with us now!

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