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Infection Prevention Training for Healthcare Workers

 Infection Prevention Training for Healthcare Workers

One of the most crucial roles of a healthcare worker is to prevent and manage the infection. Skills and knowledge in such an area are acquired during healthcare training, specifically from an infection preventionist who informs and provides guidance on principles and practices related to the prevention and control of infection.

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Effective infection prevention training happens when:

  • Infection preventionists are able to draw and hold the attention of their learners.

    One thing is for sure — capturing the attention of any adult learner in the hectic, demanding, and chaotic world of health care is no easy feat. For this reason, infection preventionists truly have to embrace their roles as developers, facilitators, and evaluators of educating and learning at the institutional level while, at the same time, building an environment that is conducive to quality interactions and excellent practice.

  • Infection preventionists consider the various learning styles of their learners.

    Adult learners effectively absorb information in different ways. For some, visuals are most effective, while others find listening and demonstration as the most effectual ways to drive a point home.

  • The barriers to effective healthcare education are overcome.

    Learning can be incredibly difficult in the healthcare industry, what with the rapid changes in all aspects of the healthcare landscape, the challenge of absorbing an overwhelming amount of information in such a short time, complexities of translation education into practice, and so much more. There is simply a need for constant education and reminders in order to conquer these issues.

  • An exceptional training approach is used.

    What do we mean when we say “exceptional” training approach? While there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” kind of method, an approach that both engages and illustrates vital points effectively will surely make infection prevention and control much easier to understand and practice.

It’s absolutely crucial for home health aides to master infection prevention and control. Please feel free to inquire about Voltaire Healthcare Consultant Home Health aide curriculum.

What do you know about infection prevention training? Please feel free to share your knowledge by commenting below.

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