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Areas Your Home Health Aide Curriculum Should Tackle

Areas Your Home Health Aide Curriculum Should Tackle

More than the services a Health Care Consultant in Miami Gardens, FL can extend for your healthcare school’s license and accreditation, you should have a program that will truly shape competent future healthcare workers.

The Home Health Aide’s Role

A home health aide provides care for disabled, aged, and sickly individuals who don’t wish to leave the comfort of their homes for assisted or institutional living. They bring about a degree of medical and personal care to the patient. But they shouldn’t be confused with personal care aides.

While these two professions involve personal care, home health aides undergo more specialized training and can fulfill basic medical care services like taking vital signs, handling simple wound dressing changes, and following complex diet instructions. Personal care aides, on one hand, don’t undergo whatsoever medical training and are limited to giving cordial care to their patients.

What Makes a Brilliant Home Health Aide Curriculum?

As the home health aide’s role is wide and diverse, trainees have bigger shoes to fill. How can you prepare them and make them more competent to take it on?

Start by covering these essential areas of the home health aide profession:

  • Nutrition

    Home health aide trainees need to have an active understanding of nutrition and the role it plays in their patient’s health. Some patients will have special diet requirements. Others require specific nutrients to fill up deficiencies caused by their health conditions. Planning, preparing, and serving meals to fulfill these needs fall on the home health aide’s hands.

  • Rehabilitation

    Knowledge of physical rehabilitation basics like exercises and therapies allows home health aides to give higher care to their patients, particularly to:

    • The ones recovering from surgeries and stroke
    • Bedbound clients
    • Seniors who aren’t allowed to travel due to some issues like mobility difficulties
  • Personal Care

    It’s basic but most of the people who require a home health aide’s service are not capable of fulfilling personal care independently. As proper hygiene is vital to keep infection and sickness-causing germs at bay, it’s important for a trainee to learn about it as much as they can.

  • Fulfilling Medical and Non-Medical Duties

    Given the training they go through, many home health aides are surprised by the amount of non-medical care they have to fulfill as part of their jobs — house management, laundry, shopping, and the like. Some would even find these unexpected tasks demeaning. So, it’s best to prepare trainees what duties to expect once they start their home health aide careers.

  • Specialized Care

    Home health aides are also indispensable when it comes to specialized care needs, like palliative and hospice. Backgrounds and preparations in these areas are necessary for them to give skilled and proper care should they have patients requiring these in the future.

At Voltaire Healthcare Consultant, we can help you plan a curriculum that will truly augment your students’ healthcare knowledge and aptitude. Call us to know more about our Health Care Consulting Services and expertise.

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