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Accreditation Readiness: 5 Questions to Ask


Are you ready for the upcoming accreditation of your facility? To assess your preparedness, here are 5 questions that you should be asking.

  1. Are the right processes in place?

    An accrediting team will look into the different processes that you are using within your organization. These processes focus on how your operations go. It is important that you have the right processes in place to ensure that you are committed to following the best practices in the industry.

    For instance, the team may check the Home Health aide curriculum of your facility and determine how it helps students acquire what they need for the job. You should make sure that the processes are created and implemented properly in the first place.

  2. Are documentations compiled properly?
    The accrediting team will review the documentation related to your facility’s operations. You should make sure that these documents are all ready and compiled properly. This way, you can easily hand them off to the accrediting team whenever they ask for them.
  3. Are the staff members trained and informed?

    The quality of the services you provide, as well as how your facility’s entire operations go depend on the members of your staff. They must have gone through the required training for them to fulfill their responsibilities. They should also have the right certifications for their jobs.

    At the same time, they should also know when the accreditation will take place. This way, they can personally prepare, especially since the accrediting team will surely ask them about their roles.

  4. Is there a point person?
    The point person is the one responsible for ensuring that the accreditation process goes smoothly. This person ensures that everything goes as planned, from top to bottom. You have to appoint someone to be the point person who will disseminate information about the accreditation, welcome the accrediting team, handle their requests and more.
  5. Has a mock survey been conducted?
    Conducting mock surveys before the actual accreditation date will help you pinpoint the areas you need to focus on. This will help evaluate your organization’s readiness for the undertaking. A Health Care Consultant in Miami Gardens, FL can help you in conducting a survey.

If you need assistance with preparing for accreditation, get in touch with Voltaire Healthcare Consultant. We offer Health Care Consulting Services that suit your situation. Call now!

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